ifingi is Antimicrobial

Every cold and flu season there seems to be a study done that looks at the bacterial count on different common surfaces.

Usually the surfaces include public key pads (like on an automated banking machine), bathroom toilet seats, bathroom toilet knobs, and keyboards. The study seems to always conclude that we should be eating from the toilet seat instead of at our desks. The real part of the story is, where there is food and a nice temperature, bacteria and like will live and maybe even thrive. Antimicrobial products can kill germs and stop the growth of others.

Any surface that requires us to touch it with our fingers puts us at risk of getting colds, flues and viruses from the microorganisms on the surface. Subconsciously most of us rub our eyes, scratch our noses or put our fingers in our mouths. I know our mothers’ all told us to keep our fingers out of our mouths but we have all had an annoying hangnail that requires immediate attention that only our teeth can get to. No matter the circumstances of contacting our faces with our fingers, all of these spots are excellent routes for bad things to get into our systems and make us sick.

The more people you have touching the same surface exponentially increases the amount of microorganisms on a surface. Unless you live alone and have no friends, chances are you share your tablets or e-readers with other people. This will increase your chances of catching something nasty. One New York paper, the Daily News, published an article where they swabbed some ipads in an Apple store and found staphylococcus among other things. The paper stated:

“Dr. Philip Tierno, director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center, said that iPads handled by a multitude of strangers are bacteria breeding grounds.”

In an ideal world, public touch screens would constantly be wiped with antimicrobial cleaners to prevent harmful germs adhering to our fingertips. We would never share our own touch screens and if we absolutely had to, all users would have to put on hand sanitizing gel before laying one fingertip on the touch screen. On top of all that we would never put our finger tips any where near our faces. Not gonna happen! The best solution is to wear ifingi while using on your tablet, e-reader, or any touch screen for that matter.

The special material used in the ifingi is antimicrobial.

It acts as a ‘germ’ barrier between you and the touch screen. The special material makes it difficult for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. So even if you come into contact with germs, they are not going to grow on ifingi. If you have a cold, ifingi prevents the germs on your fingertip getting onto a touch screen. Likewise if someone with a cold has been using your touch screen ifingi prevents their germs from getting on your fingertip.

ifingi is like a second skin.

Even if you do touch your face wearing ifingi, due to the nature of the material, you will minimize your exposure to microorganisms. Wearing ifingi, you are less likely to put your finger in your mouth.

Swipe safe, wear ifingi!